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Behind the Scenes.

The Studio.

Our Beliefs.

1. Start each day with gratitude.

2. Diagnosis before prescription.

3. Create change you want to see.

4. Less is more.

Our Culture.

Simply put, create with companies we believe in, be friendly, never be afraid to try something new, explore ideas and have fun.

Rinse and repeat.

Jesse Ellert brand design consultant

The Man Behind the Brand.

Working hand and hand with businesses, Jesse Ellert is a brand strategy maker, mover, and shaker.


Starting his career in the marketing world as a visual effects and motion graphics artist. He earned a spot as a Skills Canada Judge, as well as becoming an Art Director on award-winning television programs broadcasted worldwide.

His work experience includes notable names such as Animal Planet, The Saskatchewan Roughriders, Investigation Discovery, and A&E Biography.

After these successes, Jesse was thrust into making a decision that would forever change his life. Jesse witnessed company after company dies while thousands of jobs were lost due to outdated business models and ineffective paths.


Jesse couldn't just stand by and watch. He had to create the change he wanted to see in the world. Picking up the pieces of these valuable lessons Jesse chose to forge a new path.

Founding Jesse Ellert Studios with the purpose of guiding leaders, company owners, CEOs, influencers, and teams of people by adapting to the new age of business, branding, and marketing. 

Jesse appreciates everything that has happened, finding value and happiness in helping real people thrive in uncertain times by taking their lives to a whole new level.

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JESSE has just recently been FEATURED on the COVER of REFINED MAGAZINE.

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