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Your plan to success.

What is it?

Brand strategy is your marketing plan tailored to what your company needs in order to grow and accomplish it's goals quicker.

It's the secret sauce for new and evolving companies of all sizes. Whether you are a big brand or a mom and pop shop, brand strategy makes an impact that improves your bottom line.

Jesse offer's one on one consultations as well as team workshops.


Discover below how by working together we can solve your most challenging business problems. It's time for a game changer!



Who are your dream customers?

We start by defining your target market and user profiles. Walking a mile in the customers shoes helps us predict pain points providing a better experience, brand loyalty and insight into customer behavior.



Who are you?

Defining your brands key attributes reveals it's personality and how people will identify with your company.

Diving deep into who and why you are. Your core values and company culture allows us the power to influence and communicate with the people you want.



More than looks?

Looking cool is, well, "cool" and everything, but... will it increase the bottom line?

Minimizing risk. Prioritization. Awareness.  These are the power tools that lead our discovery process. 


It allows more money in your pockets and more freedom with your decisions. Pretty "cool" right?

Excited to get started?
Us too! Let's maximize your business in minimal time. Schedule a workshop or a one on one.

"We worked with Jesse on a large group design project. He was patient and attentive to the many different ideas and needs of the group. At the end he came up with the perfect design!! It recognized the contributors while keeping the vision of the project. Thanks Jesse!"

Deana Jesmer

Sask Abilities Council, Community Relations Coordinator

Companies: Saskatchewan Abilities Council, Remax Blue Chip Reality, Kinsmen Telemiracle

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