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Lowes Pro Builders.

The Challenge.

Lowes Pro Builders is a brand new company specializing in renovation and home repair. Unfortunately, being a new business in a crowded market, it can be difficult to be noticed.

The Solution.

To design a highly recognizable vehicle wrap that raises awareness and stands above a saturated market. Jesse was hired by D's Signs to design and complete this project.

Scope of Work:

Vehicle Wrap Design. Wrap Installation. Signage Design. Business Cards.

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Double Value at Half the Cost?

By deciding to use the truck's original white as one of the three primary colors, we were able to turn a half wrap into a full wrap without any of the cost. Because of this, we achieved a better result while saving valuable time, materials and cost to the client. 

The Results.

A huge success. The project was so well received, Jesse was asked to design all of Lowes Pro Builders' marketing materials, which included business cards and signage.

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