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jesse ellert 3d animation design


Reimagining the Future.

MindField is a brand new television series that pulls back the curtain to reveal the new wizards behind science and technology discoveries in Canada. 

The Challenge.

How do we teach complex science, entertain people, and keep a consistent high quality look across every platform? Is it possible to accomplish this with lots of production value that won't break the bank? 

Scope of Work:

Branding. Strategy.
Logo Design.
3D Animation. 
2D Animation. Compositing. Green Screen. Color Correction. Color Grading. Opening Titles. End Titles

The Client:

Juxtapose Productions

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MindField TV Series Opening.

MindField TV Series Opening.

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The Solution.

To kick start the project we created a strategy guide to keep every frame looking consistent. We choose a bold and punchy color palette along with dynamic 3D animations for the primary elements of each episode. This thought process allowed us to add huge points to production value while keeping everyone on track.

saskatoon 3d animaton commercial
saskatoon digital billboard animation by jesse ellert
graphic design animation jesse

Just the Right Type.

We choose a typeface that would be in symmetry with science and discovery. The typeface needed to be dynamic for main titles while still being readable for other print and digital media.

brand design fonts for business
branding design fonts jesse ellert

Affordable Animation + Production Value.

Implemented with skill, animation can be used by companies of all sizes. By combining 2D motion graphics with green screen footage we efficiently created multiple high quality animation on a lower budget.

With an added focus on color correction and color grading, the overall production value jumped again in minimal time.

saskatoon video creator jesse ellert
saskatoon green screen video maker
digital billboard animation jesse ellert

The Results.

Working together, we created six one-hour immediately recognizable episodes. Jam packed with high quality content broadcasting nationwide across Canada.

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