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The Best Lenses for Authentic Branding (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram)

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

The best lenses for youtube, instagram and facebook
The best lenses for Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

Does your brand value honesty?

Are you making social media content that you want people to believe in? Do you want people to trust what you say?

Of course you do!

Why wouldn't you? Right now camera companies, photographers, videographers and influencers are obsessed with full frame cameras, fast lenses, and creamy background blur.

With companies like Canon, Sony, Panasonic and Nikon all fighting over the mirrorless full frame market.

These cameras and lenses have their place and are important but for businesses, brands and for authenticity. The logic doesn't add up.

Let me share a secret with you.

The old school way of creating content revolved around having long lenses with fast apertures. This gives a classic look of professionalism in videos and photography. I know because I cut my teeth creating television content and working on professional commercials.

However... Bob Dylan said it best,

"The times they are a changin'."

Since smartphones came into play disrupting the camera market things are changing in big ways.

Longer lenses with blown out backgrounds seem more and more staged. It looks professional and beautiful but not believable.

This is perfect for movies and weddings but not the best feeling you want to give your customers to trust in you and your company.

Want Proof?

In this video Chelsea and Tony Northrup two authorities on cameras, photography and videography support what I teach by explaining what lens focal lengths actually mean for you, your products and your company.

Want realism with your products?

Dial back the background blur.

Sounds goo- Wait... what? Background blur is what sells, baby! It's what I hear everyone going on and on about. Full frame wide aperture for life.

It's true, having a low f-stop is one reason why people spend so much dang money on lenses. Getting that professional looking creamy background blur. It's just so creamy and smooth, you could just jump in and swim in it.

However, As a general rule of thumb. The blurrier your image or video is the more staged the whole project will feel.

Our goal is not to compete with the movie industry in quality.

Our goal is to tell believable and honest stories for our companies. We do this with every post, every project and every advertisement to build trust and rapport with our clients.

Want MORE Proof?

In this video Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter discusses how lenses have changed over the years of video production and the Pros and Cons of using a wide lens.

Should I just use a smartphone then?


If you JUST have a smartphone use that. There is nothing more honest than using your phone. Tai Lopez and Gary Vee proved that.

The iphone, Samsung and Google phones will get the job done. I use the iphone and Samsung phone cameras professionally all the time. In my opinion they work better for photos than for video and only for online content I don't use it for print work.

If you want more versatility in your phone game Moment has some good options.

What are the best lenses for 2019?

The best lenses for honest, believable branding and social media content for Youtube, facebook and Instagram are lenses that are the same focal equivalent to smartphones.

This means any lens between 24mm to 30mm. I wouldn't worry so much about having a low aperture unless you have to shoot in low light situations and can't bring in more light.

If I had to choose?

The Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 Art Series Lens is my choice for the best lens for authentic branding because it bridges the gap between classic tradition marketing and the new age of social media. You will have to check your camera for compatibility with this lens.

The Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 bridges the two worlds. Plus It's just flat out flexible.

It's wide enough to be in the 24-30mm range but long enough to still give a professional feeling. If you need a lens for low light or that blurry creamy background awesomeness it will be there for you.

I've yet to find anything that can beat the cost for performance of this lens. Compared to other lenses this is a crazy good deal.

It's like having a bag full of primes. At f1.8 all the way throughout the zoom range. Instead of buying a bunch of "whatever lenses" I would rather have ONE really good lens. This lens to be exact.

The Cons - It sucks eggs for vlogging. There is no image stabilization, the focusing motor is loud and the lens is heavy. Poor for run and gun set ups where the microphone is on top of the camera such as when you are vlogging.

*Side note - you may need a Speed booster from companies like Viltrox or Metabones to help your camera hit this desired focal range.

If your an influencers or vlog for a business?

I will be releasing a new post about my favorite and the best vlogging gear for businesses and influencers. Subscribe below to receive that knowledge bomb.

In conclusion.

It all comes down to the emotions you are trying to invoke with your customers and followers. We are telling a story with every image and video. If the goal is to tell an authentic brand story for your company use a 24mm to 30mm lens and dial back the background blur.

This Sigma Art Series lens is a great lens. It can be expensive depending on your situation but instead of having a bunch of "whatever lenses" I would rather have one great lens.

If all you have is your phone use that. Their is nothing more honest that a smartphone camera.


Jesse Ellert helps entrepreneurs build brands and design their businesses. Advertising, social media and business changes rapidly, don't fall behind! Adapt so you don't become extinct.

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