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Cover Story & Feature | ReFined Magazine | Inside Interview with Jesse Ellert's Branding Studio

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Cover Story Refined Magazine interview with Jesse Ellert branding Studios
Cover Story ReFined Magazine

"Taking Care of Business."

Jesse Ellert Studios.

By Jaime Johnson

Working hand and hand with businesses, Jesse Ellert Studios guides clients to measurable solutions that improve bottom lines. With strategic thinking, Jesse helps companies of all sizes develop their identities with tailored marketing plans. This means loyal customers and accelerated growth for Jesse’s clients.

Jesse started his career in the marketing and design world as a visual effects and motion graphics artist. As a young professional, he earned a spot as a Skills Canada Judge for animation and also worked on award winning television programs as an art director. His work experience includes notable names such as Animal Planet, The Saskatchewan Roughriders, Investigation Discovery, and A&E Biography.

Throughout the years of designing media campaigns for businesses nationwide, Jesse witnessed numerous clients follow outdated business models and ineffective paths. “As a designer in the past, I could only improve a company’s marketing materials. I saw so many missed opportunities for both small and large companies and knew I could help them reach their goals faster.” Capitalizing on his extensive 10-year advertising experience, Jesse launched his own strategic branding firm, Jesse Ellert Studios, in his hometown of Yorkton.

Today Jesse Ellert Studios works with businesses to create memorable brands that reflect their true identity and vision. They design eye-catching logos, signage, packaging, websites, vehicle wraps and digital media content that promote a consistent brand message. Using the power of graphic design and motion graphics, projects are enhanced and brought to life. Jesse also educates business owners transitioning into the digital age with social media and online revenue streams.

“You have to create the change you want to see.” - Jesse Ellert

Jesse Ellert Studios believes in diagnosis before prescription. They work with clients to identify challenges and define objectives before developing tailored strategies. This enables businesses to grow and achieve their goals quicker. Jesse’s business model is founded on relationship building and one-on-one interactions. “I enjoy talking to entrepreneurs and CEOs about their business goals, hearing their challenges and offering them solutions.”

As an entrepreneur, Jesse is motivated by the prospect of helping companies achieve success and he aims to give clients value with every encounter. “Time is valuable, so I make sure that every interaction with a client results in a positive outcome and an improvement to their business.” His approach to business reflects his philosophy on life. “You only have one life. Don’t take it for granted. To make a difference in this world you have to create the change you want to see.”

Jesse believes his success so far is due to his determination, concentrated efforts and consistency. “I put the time in every day, work at it, stay focused and believe in myself,” he explains. For Jesse, success doesn’t mean crossing an arbitrary finish line. “There is no end point where you say, ‘this is it, I’ve made it’. All businesses, including my own, can get bigger, better or more efficient.”

Refined Magaizne cover story and feature on Jesse Ellert branding and graphic design studios

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